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Shoes – Soft or Hard Soled – Which should you choose?

Shoes – Soft or Hard Soled – Which should you choose?

These days there seems to be as much choice for shoes as there is for clothes for little ones. 

In addition to what they look like, you’re faced with other choices like soft or hard soled. 

So, which ones are right for your child? 

Soft soled shoes are often referred to as pram shoes. And that’s a bit of a clue… 

This style of shoe is more about what they look like - they look pretty and they finish off an outfit.

They are designed for pre-walkers so are perfect when baby/toddler is still in a pram or pushchair, or crawling. 


They are also a great way of keeping their socks on, if you have one of those little monkeys who constantly pulls them off and discards them! 

Hard soled shoes are designed for when your child starts to walk. They are a firm platform for them to press their feet down on the ground.  


We encourage you to have your child’s feet properly measured by a trained fitter – Clark’s still have some of the best! 

Most of our shoes are soft soled, but we do have a limited stock of hard soled shoes in some sizes still available. Just click on any of the pictures to purchase.

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